Ten Interesting Research Paper Topics For Elementary School Students

The period of growing up, playing games, learning and understanding the world in the true sense of the word begins during a primary school education. That is the proper time for a child to become aware of the world in which he lives in and to accept the place that belongs to him personally.

The period of education that is covered by the primary school is extensive - the child is developing his or her mind in this direction for 8 years. The values which an individual adopts in this period will become a part of his permanent identity.

Here is a list of some interesting paper topics for elementary school students:

  1. This is me
  2. This topic includes honest review of activities and operations that fulfill the student’s everyday life. It’s suitable for first graders, but it could also be implemented in senior years of elementary education. It would be interesting to analyze the difference between the perception of a child and a teenager.

  3. Maybe I don’t approve of the thing you're doing, but I respect your right to choose
  4. Children need to learn about the need to understand and respect other people's views and opinions.

  5. When I grow up…
  6. Children could explain what they want to become when they grow up. Advise them to find out a way to investigate lives of people who are already in this business.

  7. Universe, space and time
  8. Magical powers of science
  9. Both topics are quite useful for senior pupils.

  10. The history of mankind
  11. We all know that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Students should find out more about the development of the human race.

  12. The most beautiful places in the world
  13. It is necessary to allow our children to use their creative freedom. A simple online search can lead to a discovery of distant lands and show them a world full of beauty.

  14. What is equality?
  15. It is essential to guide children on to the right path of understanding.

  16. People who have changed the world
  17. Analysis of this type can be helpful to expand children's understanding and to inspire them to follow great examples of people that have changed the world.

  18. Life always finds a way to give back the things that you have given to others
  19. It is vitally important for a child to develop a complete understanding of honesty, goodness and many other things which are part of moral consciousness.