Selecting A Good Topic For A Psychology Research Paper: 18 Ideas

There are numerous categories in psychology and even more topics that you could write about for a psychology research paper. This can make narrowing the topic very hard. In order to write the best research paper, you should choose a topic you are interested in and be sure that what you choose has the right amount of information for the length of your assignment. Here are some topic ideas to get you started:

  1. Anxiety: What causes anxiety? What are the symptoms and what are some ways that it can be treated (with and without medication)?

  2. What is the attachment theory? How does a parent’s style of parenting affect their child’s psychological health as an adult?

  3. Measuring Intelligence: How is intelligence measured and is this right? What is the controversy related to this?

  4. How does sleep deprivation affect mental health? What about the dream cycle?

  5. The Sexes and Stereotypes: What differences between the genders of male and female are stereotyped, and which are actually hardwired into our brains?

  6. Laughter: What are the psychological benefits of laughing? What about the physical benefits?

  7. Discuss the experiments of thought control. Are these ethical?

  8. Consider Gardner’s and Spearman’s different Theories of Intelligence. What does this mean for schools?

  9. Consider the relationship between socioeconomic status and psychological health. Does money really buy happiness?

  10. What effects does being a paraplegic have on the mind? Should it also be considered a psychological condition?

  11. Is there a bias towards people that are more attractive? How are they perceived and how does their rate of hiring, convictions, etc. compare to the rates of the less attractive?

  12. Consider habits. How are bad/good habits formed and how can people change them? Are there any habits that can’t be changed (consider addictions)?

  13. Memory storage: Where are memories stored in the brain? Is it a physical location? What happens to memories when they are forgotten?

  14. Is solitary confinement ethical for prisoners? What psychological effects does it have?

  15. Think about hyperactive children. Do their behaviors have environmental roots, biological roots, or both?

  16. Proper motivation: How much of a role does motivation play in a child’s success?

  17. Overcrowding: How has it affected human beings, on both a social and psychological level?

  18. How does physical activity effect emotional health?