List Of Good Research Paper Topics About British Literature

There are millions of different topics that you can cover in your paper about British literature, and this list will give you some great topics that you can cover. Some of these topics are general so you will have to do additional research to find a specific topic that you can write about for your paper. Here are all of the topics that you can cover.

British Literature Topics

  • British literature from the beginning till the 15th century
  • British literature in the 16th century
  • British literature in the 17th century
  • British literature in the 18th century
  • British literature in the 19th century
  • British literature in the 20th and 21st century
  • Shakespeare, look at his play or just one and examine how they were performed and what it was like to write and perform plays in that era.
  • British drama, the drama really took off early, and you can examine one work or the work of many for a century or just one writer.
  • British poetry, explain how this kind of poetry is different from others, or you can pick one write and write about them.
  • British Romanticism, look at the history of romanticism and how it has changed since its infancy.
  • British writers, men and women. Choose a British write and examine their life and their work and how they shaped British literature.
  • Commonwealth literature
  • Early English books, examine early English novels that were written by famous authors.
  • Irish Drama, Ireland also played a big part in British literature.
  • Irish Literature
  • Irish Poetry
  • Scottish Literature
  • Welsh Literature

When you are writing about British literature, that doesn’t just include Britain because British literature was composed all over Europe. And these general topics can help you find a great topic for your paper.

Examine all of these topics carefully and do your research before you choose a specific topic. You want to find something interesting to write about and doing research can help you do that. Each one of these topics is general topics, and once you start to read about each one, you will see there are many ways that you can approach the general subjects. You want to start small and only focus on a small part of the topic. This will make your paper more engaging, and you will enjoy writing the paper more, than if you were writing about a broad subject.