List Of 14 Research Paper Topics About Human Trafficking

The first step to come up with a formidable research paper on human trafficking is to pick a suitable topic that aligns correctly with your expertise and writing skills. This topic can be really controversial; it is a delicate issue to address. Therefore, you should be very tactful when you decide every word that you will include in this document.

    Human trafficking

    Unfortunately, this illegal practice takes place in many countries all over the world. Although legislation and campaigns against this serious crime have been enhanced and largely supported, crime has not ceased in many countries. These are the following topics to consider about this issue:

  1. What are the most dangerous countries & locations regarding human traffic issues?
  2. Is human traffic being addressed correctly by the authorities of the most dangerous countries worldwide?
  3. How to prevent this type of serious crime against human rights?

  4. Human smuggling

    This is another serious practice that takes place in some third-world countries. The possible headings on this issue are the following:

  5. Top measures to prevent human smuggling while you travel.
  6. What are the main mistakes people make when they risk being attacked?
  7. How can you help someone who has suffered smuggling?

  8. Sex trafficking

    This type of human traffic is especially pernicious, it jeopardizes the physical and psychological health of the person who suffers this abduction.

  9. Where is sex trafficking a serious threat for young women?
  10. How severe is sex trafficking in Eastern Europe?

  11. Controversies

    Human rights are meant to equalize the quality of life that people deserves worldwide. However, not every nation respects these basic guidelines for human life standards.

  12. Why are people so reluctant to help the victims of human trafficking?
  13. Do we need more campaigns to fight against these crimes?

  14. Anti-human trafficking campaigns worldwide

    In some countries, like the USA, campaigns anti-human trafficking are common but in other people simply do not react to this issue.

  15. What are the main courses of actions to consider to solve this global problem?
  16. When will people finally legislate for human rights?

  17. Legislation about human traffic, facts & Statistics

  18. Where is there a strong legislation against this issue?
  19. What are the figures of this type of crimes?

In conclusion, there are several alternatives when you work on a research paper on this subject. Research the current status worldwide to provide updated information about the topic in your dissertation.