How To Make Your Astronomy Research Paper Introduction Stand Out

An introduction is an important part of your research paper in astronomy. Its purpose is to attract the audience, present your study hypothesis, and set the tone for the entire paper, so you should spend enough time trying to make it stand out. Its length may vary depending on the total length of your assignment. Either way, it should include your topic presentation, the research context, and rationale for your writing.

How to Write a Research Paper Introduction: Important Basics

To write a good introduction, you should follow the basic steps below:

  1. Indicate what research question you are going to address.
  2. You should announce your topic in the first sentences of the introduction so that the readers understand what your paper is about and why they should read it. It’s a good idea to start with a broad topic and then zoom on the specific issue.

  3. Keep the keywords in mind.
  4. You need to emphasize the keywords, which is also very important if you are going to publish your work. So, include the words “planet” and “extraterrestrial live” in the first sentences if your assignment is about searching for life on other planets.

  5. Define important terms and concepts.
  6. You should not expect that your readers will know what terms, like exoplanet, mean, so it makes sense to explain them in your introduction or else you may mislead your audience. You need to briefly define everything at the beginning and provide more details later if necessary.

  7. Make a brief literature review.
  8. A well-written literature review will help you establish the context of your research. You should demonstrate your knowledge of the key published literature and familiarity with the main terms and concepts.

  9. Specify your research hypothesis.
  10. You should clearly state your research questions and indicate your hypothesis. The final part of the introduction should outline the structure of your work, viz. how you are going to test your hypothesis.

How to Start Your Assignment: Useful Tips

Many students consider writing an introduction the most challenging part of the research paper writing process. If this is also your case, you may compose an introduction after you have drafted the rest of your assignment, so you will include all the main points and avoid a procrastination problem.

Writing on astronomy topics, you should avoid emotional language in the introduction because your piece of writing should be concise and to the point. Even if you are using a quotation to open your paper, make sure that it provides a logical statement instead of an emotional message about the incredible mysteries of the universe.