4 Best Places To Get A Free Research Paper In Cryptography

Cryptography is an interesting topic to study. Whether you are studying the art of writing or the breaking of codes, this subject has fascinated students and teachers for many years. This topic continues to grow as more students want to help solve mysteries regarding old texts and with cryptic messages being sent over the Internet. This means that students are often assigned essays to write about the topic and what they have learned. When you are looking for a free research paper on the subject, these are four places to find free copies:

  1. Online writing labs. Many schools will have online writing labs that students all over the world can use. They include a wide variety of free papers that students can use as templates for their own papers. You might have to dig around to find a free paper about a subject like cryptography, but they do exist.

  2. Historic websites. Since many events in cryptography revolve around history, there are usually online essays available for interested parties to read. You should not take the research papers and turn them in as your own, but they can serve as excellent templates or resources for your own paper. If you do use one as a source, it is vital to record the citation so you are not accused of plagiarism. Historic websites, especially about wars or historical documents are the best places to look.

  3. Online writing companies. These are all over the Internet. While the goals of these companies is to make money selling papers, most of them have copies of free papers available for clients to use. Like all other research papers, these should never be copied and turned in as your own. But, they will work perfectly as templates. Papers found on online writing company websites should not be used as sources, simply because they could be plagiarized or written by people who have no idea about cryptography.

  4. Government websites. When it comes to cryptography, especially the code-breaking type, the government will have plenty of resources about the topic. These are usually about historic events, because the government does not want to give away any new ideas or techniques they are using today. Any essay you find on a government site should be well-researched and would be a good source to use in your paper. You should also be able to find quality papers that would make good templates to use as samples, too.