How To Use A Proper University Term Paper Format: Basic Tips

If you’re writing a term paper for your university, you should make sure that it’s not only written well but also formatted properly. Each institution has some individual requirements to research papers that students create, but the basic rules are common for all. You may look at them below.

  1. Set page margins.
  2. Page margins of your paper should be set to one inch on the left, right, top, and bottom.

  3. Set the font and its size.
  4. It’s advisable to choose Times New Roman as the main font for your term paper. However, for figures you may use a different font, like Arial, for example. The size of the font should be 12-pt.

  5. Set the spacing.
  6. Your document should be double-spaced throughout the entire text.

  7. Set the alignment of text.
  8. Your text should be aligned flush left with an uneven right margin.

  9. Set the paragraph indentation.
  10. Paragraph indentation should be no more than 5-7 spaces.

  11. Set page numbers.
  12. A page number should be in the right corner of a page. A page number should be on every page except Figures.

  13. Format the title page.
  14. Your first page should be your title page. Include the running head in the upper left corner of your title page. Write the running head in all caps. In the center of the page, you should write the title of your term paper. Below the title, you should write your name. Below your name, you should write the name of your university.

  15. Format the section headings.
  16. Use upper and lower case to write the top level headings. Place them in the center of the page. Use italics to write second level headings. Place them flush left.

  17. Format tables and illustrations.
  18. Place the section with tables and illustrations at the end of your term paper. Each table should begin on a separate page. The name of a table should be flush left and written in italics.

  19. Follow the right order of sections.
  20. The sections of your paper should be written in the particular order. First, you need to include your title page, then your abstract, and then the body of your document. After the body, you should include additional sections, like references, appendixes, footnotes, and tables and illustrations.

You should keep in mind that these are only basic rules. It’s likely that your university has some additional requirements, so make sure to discuss all the details with your instructor before submitting your term paper.