Quick Tips On How To Write A Literature Review For A Research Paper

A research paper is not called so for nothing. It is not an abject portrayal of your understanding of the topic. It is actually a comprehensive extraction, encompassing everything substantial that you can notch up.

For or against

Now, when it comes to amalgamating your arguments for or against the motion, you get a dramatic space to place it – the literature review. This is one half of the Introduction; the other half taken by the Background.

You may be boggled as to how to script the review. After all, it is not like any movie review you have read till date. It is a lot more thought-provoking and poignant. Of course, it helps to go through some seriously good literature reviews that connect to your subject of choice.

In order to write the review, you should first understand the topic in detail. Check out what it suffers from. What are the perennial problems ailing the topical theme? What issues may emerge in future? How can particular subsets be handled or shown a new direction? How is the situation affecting the common gentry?

The sustenance factor

You should then map out the sustainability of your arguments. You should think proactively about the steps you have taken through the paper to make the road easily traceable. You should also make it a point to facilitate the understanding of the topic to the readers.

You should write the literature review almost in a way you would present it to the public. You should elucidate in the main points of your paper and erode out the unnecessary parts. You should subtly give the essence of your perspective and findings and authorize the standing of your belief through progressive suggestions.

Make sure that you give feasible and tenable solutions to the reader sin the literature review. You should also stick to data and facts; diluting and negating your opinions. It is clear that you cannot write the literature review with a clouded mind. Preconceptions are the worst enemy of such a review.

A thorough check

Having written the review, you should check out whether it flows seamlessly with the other plots of the research paper. Remember that the ultimate denouement is the Conclusion; not the review. Here, you just require being practical and expository.

You should scour out eminent samples in the library and archives and go through the best ones, absorbing how the points may be crisply presented. Your deal is done!