Choosing A Winning Topic For A Philosophy Term Paper

Philosophy term papers are a little different than some other papers. This type of paper requires you to argue some point or give a certain point of view. It really isn’t a research paper that describes a fact and then gives arguments to support your theory. In a philosophy paper you are trying to convince the reader that your point of view makes sense. You have to be able to defend your thesis or be able to critically analyze someone else’s position on a particular topic. The first thing you need to do when you are writing a philosophy term paper or any other paper is to choose a topic. Here are some suggestions on how to choose a winning topic:

  • The first thing you must realize at all points of this essay is that you need time. You can’t do any of the steps of this type of paper without taking time. You need time to decide on a topic, time to research your topic, time to develop your thesis sentence, time to create your outline, time to write your rough draft, time to let it sit, time to reread your rough draft, then time to finish. DO NOT RUSH ANY STEP. Give yourself the time. Don’t wait until the last minute.

  • Pick something relevant for your topic. Don’t be so general that you can’t ever discuss the topic thoroughly. Don’t be so narrow that you can’t find enough information. Clear the topic with your professor if you are not sure.

  • Pick something you are interested in. The writing will be much easier if you are doing something you like.

  • Make sure you choose a topic that can be done. Sounds confusing but don’t do something like, “What is truth”. The topic is way too broad and you will never be able to thoroughly do it justice. Focus on something more narrow that you can dig down into and discuss.

  • Pick a topic that has multiple resources – Nothing is more frustrating as trying to research a topic that just doesn’t have much information. Consider changing topics even if it is something you are interested in if you can’t find solid information on it.

This type of paper is different from others in that it requires much thinking. It isn’t all facts that can be gathered in a short period of time. You must spend time on a paper like this. It can’t be stressed enough that this type of paper takes time to develop so make sure you give yourself time to do a great job.