A Collection Of Up-To-Date High School Science Research Paper Ideas

While choosing a topic for your research paper, it’s very important to be sure you’ll find enough material for the actual examination. That’s why you have to choose not only something you like, but also something you can find material about. Fortunately, there are tons of information in science journals and academic papers where you can find the needed information.

Topics for a High School Science Research Paper with Plenty of Material

  1. The development of human speech.
  2. How did we proceed from primitive forms of communication to the modern language?

  3. The necessity of sleep for humans.
  4. What are the best hours to sleep and how does the process of sleeping influence our body?

  5. Chronic fatigue: is it a disease or temporary condition?
  6. What causes it and how is it cured? Use real examples to support your research.

  7. Dark matter in the Universe.
  8. What do we know about dark matter or dark energy our universe is full of? What prevents us from examining it?

  9. The development of solar system exploration.
  10. How far did we go? What do we know about the great entity our planet is a part of?

  11. The reliability of our memory.
  12. How does our brain remember events and how truthful are those memories after years?

  13. Nanotechnology in medicine.
  14. Is there any profit in using nanotechnologies in medicine?

  15. Nanomedicine and human lifespan.
  16. Can new technologies help humans to extend our lifespan? What is the progress so far?

  17. Autism in modern society.
  18. What are the ways for autistic people to become productive members of society?

  19. Wild nature versus human.
  20. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of human interference in the environment of wild animals.

Tips on Choosing the Right Topic

  • Make sure you understand it.
  • Not all the topics may be appropriate for high school, so make sure you choose something you understand.

  • Make a list of keywords.
  • If nothing comes to mind, write some keywords you’re interested in and try to combine them in one topic.

  • Mind the size of your paper.
  • Choose the topic according to the size of your work. An overly broad topic won’t look good in a 5-page paper.

It’s not difficult to write a paper, especially if you enjoy the topic and have enough knowledge to analyze and discuss it. Be flexible in your ideas, create a strong thesis, and go on with your work.