How To Build An Effective Outline For A Research Paper In The Chicago Style

Academic writing has never ceased to pose challenges to students on varying degrees and this is always attributed to many factors among which is the writing style with which one is required to write a piece of literature. So, when it comes to learning what types of academic writing styles are there, confusion is always abounded because as you will or has always noticed, there is a close semblance among them. For example, when you are expected to do a paper in APA style which is arguably the most popular, one would slide back to Chicago style in many aspects such as formatting and writing an outline. The other types of academic writing include Chicago, Harvard and Turabian.

There are many ways of building an academic writing and for the ease of finishing up your work fast, you will want to start with an outline but how do they vary with regard to writing style? Is Chicago style having the same outline format as MLA? This is question has proved elusive to many students except for those students who bother to go deep into fact finding through extensive reading. Agreeably, there is no doubt wrongly formatting your paper will see you get low grades but who wants to fail anyway? In this post, we take a dive into how best you can craft an outline for a research paper in the Chicago style, so read on for great tips.

Grouping your literature review information

When you want to come up with the best academic paper and in this regard, Chicago styled paper, it is important that you have researched and read extensively. This will give way to a backlog of literature which will certainly help you craft a great piece. However, a problem often arises when it comes grouping this information. On this premise, the information should always be grouped from the latest to the oldest. This is what scholars call order of relevance. The most recent knowledge or discovery should come first and older ones later.

Grouping your data for presentation (Main points and idea subordination)

Term essays require enough information for them to be reliable and implementable. In this regard, you should collect as much information as you can. Data is primarily what you have gathered in the field, so group them in order of most important to the least useful.