20 Microeconomics Research Paper Topics For College Students

Microeconomics is a part of the subject Economics. While writing research paper on microeconomics, a student needs analyze the trends of the market and behaviors of the customers and businesses. It is a strategic attempt to understand the decisions of the customers and the companies. There are lots of papers in this subject. It will be easy to choose a research topic. Here are some fresh ideas for choosing the topic.

  1. Select a sports team you like. And then analyze them. Analyze their ticket prices, souvenirs, parking etc. see how good their costs are holding up in the present market.

  2. Instead of a team, you can also choose any individual sportsman or athlete. You can analyze their income and compare it with another athlete, who has kind of same set of skills and experience.

  3. You can also analyze companies that had a downfall. Find out the reason of the fall. Find out what went wrong with the company.

  4. Try to find current top trends, analyze them and try to predict their longevity. That how long these trends will be one of the top ones.

  5. If a company has recently suffered a scandal than, try to analyze how the company is saving or recovering itself.

  6. Some companies are the best in their industry and not only for a short time, but from a long time they are the best. Find out what is the reason for their continued success.

  7. Some companies have some extraordinary products which are so popular, and so much on demand that they never go sale. Find out why these products have such demand on the market.

  8. Analyze the companies who have successfully expanded their business.

  9. Also analyze those companies which have could not make an expansion and had a downfall trying it.

  10. Find out how a small business can overcome difficulties and become successful.

  11. Analyze how a company got successful because of social media.

  12. Also analyze a company which had a downfall because of social media.

  13. Try to explore some company which is more than 100 years old. Analyze its growth and try to predict its future.

  14. Leadership is an important factor for a business. Try to analyze that what defines a strong leader and a weak leader.

  15. Search out a company which was very close to shut down, but survived. Find out how they survived from the edge.

  16. Analyze the pricing and marketing trends.

  17. The workplace also effects the up rise of a company. Find out what kind of work place gives it hike.

  18. Find out if the thanks giving sale will continue or not and how can it be improved.

  19. Startups are also exciting things to study and analyze. Try to predict if a startup is going to be successful or not and why.

  20. Or you could always design your own business and analyze it.