Hand-Picked List Of Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

If you are studying law, then you may well need to learn about criminal justice as part of the subject. In fact, most students will learn about criminal justice early on when completing aid legal course, unless they are specializing in a particular aspect of the law. Therefore, it can be useful to know a range of different topics that you can write about when discussing criminal justice as part of a research paper.

Of course, different countries have their own forms of criminal justice, and that can be many differences between various legal systems. For example, the legal process in which a person is prosecuted can differ from country to country, and even from region to region within countries. Likewise, the ability to appeal, sentencing guidelines, and even what is considered a crime can differ depending upon which area of criminal jurisdiction you find yourself in. Therefore, it is important that, when doing any research for picking a topic, you ensure that you are choosing something that is relevant to the criminal justice system that you are studying about.

If you are trying to think of a good topic for your own work, and would like a bit of extra inspiration, you might find it beneficial to have a look at some of the ideas about criminal justice that have been handpicked and listed below.

  • Is it ever acceptable to use the death penalty as a punishment and, if so, in what circumstances?

  • Discuss the importance of avoiding prejudice in the judicial system in order for criminal justice to be meted out properly

  • Compare and contrast the judicial processes in the United States of America and the United Kingdom
  • How effective is the jury system?

  • Should specific crimes, such as rape, have a greater range of sentencing options, depending upon the severity of the crime committed?

  • Outline and discuss the difficulties of applying criminal justice to children and adolescents, and at what age should young people be considered criminally culpable for their actions?

  • How important is it to follow precedents that are set by previous cases in legal systems that follow common-law?

  • What challenges of faced by the International Criminal Court when it comes to prosecuting individuals for crimes against humanity?

  • Should everybody be entitled to free legal counsel?

  • Outline and discuss the problems of racial discrimination in the United States justice system