Forensic Psychology Research Paper Topics: How To Pick The Best One

Forensic psychology goes beyond forensics and looks at behaviors and other factors that have to do with criminals. This is a popular subject to cover, and there are some interesting topics that you can write about. When you are going to choose one of these topics, choose one that you are interested in. You can find the right topic by doing research on the subject. Just putting forensic psychology topics in a search engine will give you results and you can read about each subject and then choose from there. If you still need a little more help finding a subject, this list of topics could help you with that.

Forensic Psychology Topics

  • How can psychologist predict the behavior and rehabilitation of offenders?
  • How does a forensic psychologist profile offenders?
  • Is eyewitness identification reliable?
  • Is there a link between mental illness and crime and criminal behavior? What is the reasoning behind this?
  • What is the psychology that goes into missing person cases?
  • What is the psychology behind cyber harassment? Look at the person doing it and the person receiving it.
  • What are the characteristics, behaviorally and developmentally of sex offenders and violent offenders?
  • What is the emotional intelligence of re-offenders in the criminal justice system?
  • What are the characteristics of a psychopath?
  • What is rape myth acceptance?
  • Is there a link between someone‚Äôs gender identity and aggression?
  • Suicides in veterans and their children. What can be done about this?
  • Why are children that are in special education class more likely to end up in the criminal justice system?
  • Mass killings are happening all around the world. What is the psychology behind these killings and is there a way to lessen them or protect others from them?

This list could go on and on, but this will give you some ways that you can approach your research paper. Remember when you are gathering information for this paper; you should look for case studies and other studies to be used to back up your knowledge on the subject. You can find most of these studies online or at the library. There are also online databases that have different case studies like this and your school probably has one that you can use because some of the online ones require a monthly subscription. As long as you do the research and write the paper that is interesting, you will surely get a great grade.