General Tutorial On How To Write A Reflection Research Paper

Creating a reflection research paper is a compelling task that will take some precious time. You will need some dedication to come up with the phrases that communicate your insight on the topic. Read this post to understand the main points of this process.

  1. Brainstorm the ideas. First, summarize the experience, the reading or the lesson in a few phrases. You should use a descriptive approach that goes straightforward to the main point in the subject.

  2. Note down important ideas. Before starting the creation process, you should list the most relevant quotes and/or passages of the text. If your reflection is about an experience, you can write down some parts of the circumstances that surrounded the event.

  3. Create a chart of table. Using one of these elements can be really helpful in the writing process. Separate the content in three columns: use the first column to summarize the content that the author or speaker provides, then write your personal reflection about each point and last, use the third column to outline how you will use your personal response in the paper.

  4. Ask yourself questions to guide your response. You may have some of these questions posed on the requirements of the assignment. Use those inquiries to outline your approach to the document; most of the time, the instructions provided b your instructor will be clear enough to start working on your reflection.

  5. Favor a concise approach. It is better to keep the reflection short and accurate in order to communicate your insight more efficiently.

  6. Create a thesis statement. This is the most relevant idea in the document. It's a strong phrase that summarizes your thoughts about the subject. In order to come up with a great thesis statement, you will need to note some key ideas down. Then, work on a phrase that is representative of your reflections.

  7. Organize your ideas. Having your thoughts ordered is a must-do so that you communicate your insight wisely. It is better to state only the facts that your comfortable with. If there are certain situations that create discomfort of some kind, you may exclude it. If the topic is not avoidable and you still are not comfortable when talking writing about it, try the most general possible approach so that you will be able to deal with the issue regardless of that situation.